5 Fab Reasons to have a Feb/March Baby

It’s hard to feel fabulous at 40 weeks, so I have given myself permission to not. I am, in fact, totally outside the parameters of fabulousness right now. If you were to make a Venn diagram, it would just be two circles giving each other shifty-eyed looks from across the page.

On the other hand, studies have shown a strong correlation between wallowing in one’s lack of fabulosity and a whole host of maudlin behaviors leading one’s generally chipper husband to say “honey, I want to help you, but you’re kind of freaking out on me here.” (Study conducted by the University of Last Week).

So I’ve been trying to keep busy and think of more cheering things.

Like how great it is to have a baby in the late winter. I mean, I’m sure there are great reasons to have a baby any time of the year (and a few quality reasons not to have a baby at any time of the year, but that would take us back to maudlin, etc, so we’ll take a pass on that quag).


Where were we?


5 Fab Reasons to have a Feb/March Baby: 

1. “Eating for 2” + Christmas = Joy to the World



2. Nobody else is shaving regularly either.



2. Built in furnace is ideal for winter months (also ideal: the ability to give smug answers when your spouse is finally the one asking, “does it seem cold in here to you?”).



3. Maximum distance between the end of flu season and the beginning of swimsuit season.



4.  Finally and most importantly, because it’s easier to text “the roads are REALLY slick” than “I am still terrified for you to see me parent.”

Happy weekend, everybody!!


6 thoughts on “5 Fab Reasons to have a Feb/March Baby

  1. Your cartoons made me laugh hard :-). loved the view of your belly… I soooo know how that feels/looks. Just this morning I commented on the fact that I can see my belt again!!!! That was truly amazing!
    Not long anymore until you’re there…

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