Getting it together…


Also known as “it’s beginning to look a lot like” and “I am awesome.”


I don’t feel particularly awesome when I look at the general messiness of the abode, the stack of unwashed dishes, or the clock. BUT I have to say it’s all sort of coming together.

Christmas, you know.

And the house.

The baby.

My emotional stability.

It’s coming. I wrapped a bunch of presents last night. Our Fed Ex and UPS delivery peeps are quite familiar with our address now. We painted a final coat of trim in the hall, and Carl peeled off the tape last night sometime around 11. I redrafted the Christmas newsletter for work. And half a dozen women from my birth board have already had their babies—preemies, yes, but healthy and doing well.


Tonight we’re having friends for dinner and going to an old theater in Redford that’s showing It’s a Wonderful Life for the weekend… complete with organ prelude. Fortunately, my friend is also pregnant so if either of us falls asleep or has to sneak out to the bathroom there will be no judgy eyes.

And I even knocked out my last big Christmas project this morning: a story book for my nephew, featuring heartwarming concepts like:

Now to shower, clean the house, and throw together some baked ziti.

And if I hurry maybe perchance to nap.


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