For Real


Hypothetically, I affirm the possibility that this day could become even more annoying. Realistically, however, I think I’m about due for an upswing.

Or so I thought. Actually what happened after coming to said conclusion was that a sketchy man popped up on my doorstep to say it seems like my roof is old and do I have any home improvement projects he could possibly—

No, I said. I didn’t, and he couldn’t possibly. Sorry.

I do feel badly about people being out of work, but you know I still can’t quite shake the feeling that our home was just scouted. 20 something yr old Creeper McCreeperson in your blue jacket (caucasian, short light brown hair, middling height, 175-190 pounds—and YES, I’ve seen an awful lot of murder mysteries lately).

Should I or any of our electronics go missing, however, I do think the day would have to be refiled under the Extremely Awful tag rather than just the Annoying category I seem to be stuck in today.

I guess it could be worse.


Happy Wednesday, everybody. May all your grocery bags avoid spontaneous breakage and your doorsteps be creeper-free. I think my best plan to salvage this day is to take a very long nap. Cheers.


3 thoughts on “For Real

  1. For whatever it’s worth, at least the spaghetti sauce shattered in the shape of Venezuela. More or less.

    Hoping your days are devoid of shady men, with or without blue jackets.

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