Thanksgiving Post: Counting Edition

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Carl is still snoozing, but the parade is on and I’m about to make a cup of coffee, so we’ve got this Thanksgiving thing kicking off properly. Every year, I like to make a list, but since I’ve got packing to do I’m keeping it simple this year.

I’m choosing one picture and counting my blessings from there.

Let’s see.

I’m thankful for:

  1. My person! Not only does he hold tables down, he also brings joy, laughter, and peace into every day of my life. And he also contributed some necessary genetic material for our daughter, so he’s definitely top of my list this year.
  2. Warm communities. I had a lot of family before I got married, and I have even more now. And while family members have often been my best friends, it’s equally true that my best friends have become like family. Each one adds happiness, warmth, and/or, um, PERSONALITY to my world. You know who you are.
  3. This picture was snapped after a hard day of painting the new place, so I’m going to go ahead and list THE NEW PLACE as blessing #3.
  4. Food. I am super thankful for Jet’s pizza and all other forms of eatables that have appeared regularly on our table for the last 3.5 years. Being pregnant has only heightened a love for food that is (hopefully) just this side of vicious.
  5. Writerly friends. Joel (for ex) might be my baby brother, but he has an amazing eye for good craftsmanship in writing. And his knowledge of grammar is way out of my league. I don’t have a ton of writerly friends in my life (sadly), but I’m so grateful for the ones I do have.
  6. Good memories and the framed pictures to go with them. If you know me very well, you know I have a lot of bad memories in my life—and I strongly believe the only way to make peace with bad memories is to work through them, something like cold clay that gradually, from the warmth of your hands and the friction of your movements, becomes pliable. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last decade working with the darker memories, but the truth is of course that there are many happy ones rattling around in my brain too. And I’m very grateful for all the opportunities and experiences that have combined into a very rich life for a 29yr old who still isn’t exactly sure what she’s doing.
  7. Help. I’m extraordinarily thankful for all the people who have offered me help over the years in so many different ways. My family and friends have rallied around to help paint and prep our new home, but there are so many little, rarely commented upon offers of help in my world. Friends who talk me through the snarls in my emotional life; my fantastic neighbor who shares her eggs and half cups of sugar when I’ve calculated a recipe wrong; people who engage my thoughts and, wittingly or not, teach me things by disagreeing in a constructive way. I’ve begun to learn that being accepting help and being strong aren’t the opposite ends of the spectrum. Strong people are simply those who have learned to accept help when they need it. Some of us struggle with accepting physical help, others have a harder time accepting emotional or intellectual help. But we all need it. And the amazing thing is how ready most people are to give it.

So there’s my list. And now it’s eleven, an hour at which I feel totally justified in waking up Carl to come beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with me. Which is exactly how I say it. Poor man. If he’d paid more attention to how I talked to my cats, he would’ve known exactly what he was getting into.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!!! Hope it’s a wonderful one for you and yours.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Post: Counting Edition

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, dear daughter! I am thankful for you, and for the Lord giving you and Carl to each other…and I that I get to be a part of your life now and then too! I’m thankful for a God who is good and loves us.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving nearly a week later! I think making lists of Thankful Thoughts is lovely. I wish I’d done that this year. I suppose it’s never too late, though, eh?

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