The reality behind the dream

So basically I’m sick and pregnant, Carl is smack in the middle of his busiest time of year, and we totally thought it was a good idea to buy a fixer upper 9 days before we have to be out of our apartment.

Ha ha.

We are foolish.

Fortunately, we have a lot of amazing family and friends who are chipping in with the painting and cabinet rehanging, and we have an in with a great contractor for the stuff we can’t do (like put in a toilet that works. That’s sort of key), but…


I will not be redoing a house on the cusp of a third trimester again.

Wish I had some pictures to post, though. The study is painted and once Carl rehangs the closet doors, we can scratch that room off the list (kidding. Actually it needs shoe trim around the whole perimeter and one of the window casings is kind of gouged up and needs to be replaced).

The nursery would have been painted, except there are these weird blue dots (like ink) that have bled through 3 coats of primer and paint. So now we need to buy this expensive special primer that’s supposed to keep decomposing old paint dyes from bleeding through.

And I’ll spare you the details on the master bedroom except to say the carpet in there is saturated with the allergens of a thousand cats. We’re using the carpet instead of a drop cloth while we paint in there (after which we can tear it out), but neither Carl nor I can stop sneezing as soon as we set foot in the room.


At this rate, we will either have the perfect home or be dead soon. I’m pretty much good with either.


3 thoughts on “The reality behind the dream

  1. Rooting for “the perfect home” and not “dead” as I really want to see you when I get there! 😛 It does sound like you have a project of mammoth proportion on your hands. That plus any one of the factors you’ve got going on (deep pregnancy, holiday insanity, illness) would do in the very best of us. I think you’re amazing. And not matter what you get done…you’re already far ahead of anything we’ve done before moving into a new home. I felt cool for getting the carpet ripped out. It’s a year since we bought and I’m still trying to get rooms painted….as in, starting to get rooms painted.

  2. Ugh. So sorry it’s crazy right now. I am also rooting for “the perfect home.” I have a hunch you’ll pull it off. You’ve always managed to beautifully decorate every environ you’ve called yours. I, on the other hand, in nine years of living in my house, have only painted one room.

  3. Oh no! I so feel with you! Our apartment was a chaos for a few weeks! And we still don’t have any pictures on the walls yet!
    You’re really in a stressful time of your life right now. So sorry. I hope you manage to stay relaxed and don’t feel like everything has to be perfect right away (that’s me usually and then I freak out b/c that’s just not possible). Thinking of you and hoping you’ll get all the necessary stuff done and can leave the unnecessary things for later.

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