I have a stalker.

Not the creepy, hide in the bushes with binoculars type. My attention-seeking behaviors are still mostly this side of the Kardashian fault line, and REAL stalkers—while still hypothetically postable material—would not be cause for rejoicing so much as cause for 911 dialing. So, no, not the creepy type.

More the cute, hi-you-don’t-know-me-but-your-blog-makes-me-happy type.

Thus: yay. It’s nice to be liked.

I’ve always had a meter on my site, so I know people stop by. But except for the handful of people who comment (thanks, people who comment!), you never really know if your visitors are here because they want to hang out or just here because they accidentally clicked something on the WordPress page and found themselves staring, alternately bored or disdainful, at your front door.

Sort of a hmmm, she seems foolish before lumbering back to some highclass blog with 5 posts a week and snappy titles. Oh, and posts that don’t devolve into aimless rambles about scrubbing toilets or boiling eggs.

Anyway. Thanks for the wave, friendly stalker.

You made an otherwise average sort of day just a little bit nicer. I know it’s kind of ridiculous to complain—I get to do what I love and make up my schedule as I go—but the truth is that everybody gets bogged down and lumpy sometimes, and trying to get published is pretty lonely, self-doubtful work.

So carry on stumblers and stalkers alike. I’m off to pay forward the good vibe and leave a comment on one of the sites I stalk. Because I’m pretty sure we all do that, right? We all have blogs and websites we enjoy but never get around to commenting on? Or is that just me being asocial again?

Maybe don’t answer that.


4 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. Yes. I totally do that. There was a blog I checked faithfully for nearly half a year before I ever left a comment. Which is lame because I know *I* like comments. Do unto others and all. My excuse was that this woman got like 20 comments on every post. But even people with a lot of readers still like to hear when people like them, right?

    But anyway, yay for stalkers! Especially the ones who de-lurk. What could be friendlier and nicer in the blogosphere than knowing that your writing is brightening up the life of another human being?

  2. Comments are so encouraging! I’m glad you’re getting some encouragement, because I think you’ve got a lot to say and say it very well! Here’s hoping an insightful agent picks up one of your novels soon!

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