Happy Halloween!!!!!!

St. Ambrose is DYING to wish you a good one….

Ok, at the risk of spoiling the effect, you know I HAVE to say how amazing I find this picture. As in I literally couldn’t stop chortling when I first ran across it in the files of my brother’s nonprofit. I immediately texted it off to Carl with a “happy halloween from the Catholic church” tag, and then emailed Jon to see if he would mind very much if I perhaps retained a copy of the picture for my own private… needs.

Amusement is a need, people.

Sure! He said cheerfully, It’s St. Ambrose! The man who baptized St. Augustine! He’s been continuously venerated at this church in Milan since his death.

Well, that’s kind of awesome actually.

But you know what else is awesome?

When I looked Ambrose up online to find out how he died (was thinking of making an e-card kind of deal with an outside tag and a rimshot sort of thing inside), all I could find is that he died of “undetermined causes.”

Spooky, right?

So have a happy Halloween, everybody, but do be careful about eating unwrapped candies. It’s all fun and games until you end up being eternally venerated in a crypt.


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!!!!!

  1. Wow. And you know what’s creepy? Those clothes just really CAN’T be as old as St. Ambrose and that other guy’s corpse. Can you imagine dressing an ancient rotten corpse?

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