Leaves are falling

Aspens in Colorado

It’s hard to believe the colorful part of autumn is almost over, and we’re fast approaching the iron-skied chilliness of November in Michigan. Carl snapped the above picture on our trip to Colorado earlier in the month. I’d been hoping when we planned the trip for a blaze of colors, but the monochromatic gold of the aspens was spectacular in its own way.

Uncle Paul told me that aspen trees spread through their roots and huge colonies can all be connected underground, which is why you often see aspens growing in long ribbons all along the mountain sides. I just checked on wiki before I passed the info along and discovered that not only is this true, but because the root systems can survive long after an individual tree dies some colonies will go on living for many thousands of years.

The power of a good root system, right?

Speaking of root systems, I spent the first part of the morning typing out the master list for my family’s Christmas gift exchange. I’ve been listening to Christmas music while I work. Been thinking about all the baked deliciousness that’s to come.

I know it’s not even November yet, but I’m ready for the holiday season. Ready for a little glowy merriment. Ready for hot spiced cider and long lists of things to be thankful for. Ready for Handel’s Messiah and perusing family wish lists.

Part of it might be that by the time the holidays are over, I’ll only be 8 weeks away from my due date. So that’s a HUGE incentive to party hardy and try to forget that my feet hurt and every time I roll over in bed I have this squishy gross feeling that a water balloon is sloshing around in my innards.

Pregnancy is fine and all but I want my small person.

So hurry it up, holiday season. Let’s get this two month party started!




2 thoughts on “Leaves are falling

  1. Those Aspens are gorgeous. And so different from fall around here. Very cool. And I think that “Pregnancy is fine and all but I want my small person.” would make a great disgruntled maternity shirt.

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