Home Again

(View of the Rockies across Echo Lake)

Back from Denver and the wedding therein. Back to pick up our car from the shop and put in an offer on a house and make plans for the attendance of funerals and baby showers and check the mail and process notes re: my self-righteousness and try to restock the fridge and maybe get some banking done.

Oh, and write an article on Christianity in Asia.

Start integrating a few of those brain waves I had last week into the book manuscript.

Maybe also try to focus on the really happy memories of the weekend whilst forgetting my step mother-in-law decided it was totally cool to reiterate at the rehearsal dinner how she “knew” I was pregnant weeks before we told her because my “tits” were bigger. I’m not sure what Emily Post would have done, but I said “gross” in a bland sort of voice and looked away. Pretty sure the hammer of Post would fall more on MIL’s side than mine in this case, but sometimes the hammer is the lesser of two evils.

Anyway, I think there may be a lesson in this for the rest of you: The next time you’re tempted to be impatient with your MIL ask yourself this soul-searching question: does she use gross trucker slang to refer to my private bits in public settings? Modify your contempt accordingly.

I’m pretty sure there’s a flowchart to be made here.

Will maybe get to that… sometime after I clean the rest of the things off this platter I’m calling my plate right now. Sigh. Must lug my belly off to the post office to ship some camera equipment.

Happy Tuesday and happy working, everybody.


4 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. As Wol would say, the SNARK is back.

    And I love it/you.

    “I look forward to having this pleasure often–especially when a certain DESIRABLE event takes place…. Hey, Lizzy? What congratulations will then flow in!”

  2. Chocolate. You definitely need chocolate. To celebrate the awesomeness of putting an offer in on a house (yay!!!), and after having your lady parts monitored and referenced inappropriately in public, you deserve extra good chocolate, like maybe some of those Lindor Truffles, or some really excellent cake.

  3. Hee hee! Oh my!

    Do keep us all posted on the part where you put in an offer on a house! Am so excited. And also the part where you have brilliant brainstorms for a book! Also positive.

    I think maybe you need a purifying visit to the Korean Spa in Queens with me…and a day of all raw food with fortifying multi-nutrient smoothies and tall glasses of cucumber water. *sigh* Miss you.

    Also, what camera equipment are you guys getting rid of? I need a new basic lens. Do you have a Canon or a Nikon, I can’t recall. Probly not interchangeable anyhow…just thought I’d ask.

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