Busy Friday

Which would be significantly less busy if I could focus on my work instead of stopping every three minutes to watch the Stosur vs. Sharapova tennis match. And then the early afternoon match that follows. And then the late afternoon match. Heh. The Western & Southern Open is getting good and (woot! woot!) we’ve got tickets to the finals on Sunday, so I really sort of have an excuse for being obsessed, right? I want to know who we’re going to get to see on Sunday afternoon!

We’ve been watching tennis for about two years now, which isn’t that much of a commitment if you only watch the four majors each year. Well, and except for the US Open, all of them are 5 or 6 or 14 time zones removed from ours, so we don’t end up catching too many of the matches anyway. But this is the first time we’re going to get to actually SEE a match live. In person. In a stadium with lots of fans.

I’m kind of geeked.

We’ve talked about going to NYC for years—great vacation spot, tons to see, close to family—and trying to make the vacay coincide with the US Open, but the ticket prices are kind of ridiculous so we’d probably end up just seeing one of the very early round matches.

The Western & Southern Open is in Cincinnati, so only 4 hours driving time. Which means no plane tickets and only one night’s hotel. And it’s not a major, so tickets to the finals cost about as much as tickets to a first round game in NYC. And all the top players will be there, so the tennis is world class.

It’s a win/win.

But before we jet off tomorrow, we’re having Carl’s coworker and fam over for dinner tonight, which means that in addition to doing all of the job work I’ve been putting off all week, I also need to clean the apartment (a feat not managed since, um… July) and whip up some dinner.

Jaime is a vegetarian, howev, so I’d been scratching my carnivorous little brain trying to come up with something delicious… and decided to make the one truly fancypants vegetarian meal I know how to make (eggplant rigatoni with pine nut crunch), which is delicious—so delicious that I decided to make it this week even though I knew they were probably going to come to dinner next week, but what the heck, it’s good. We can eat it twice in one month, yeah? SO I made it on Wednesday, and just as we sat down to dinner Carl said oh, yes, Nic and Jaime said they can come on Friday of this week, so that’s what we decided today at work.

And I said noooooooooooooooo in slow mo, as I stared at the creamy/steamy on the table before me. I was going to make THIS when they came. Because it’s vegetarian. And it makes me look awesome.

And Carl said, what about those stuffed peppers you make? Those are nice.

And full of pork, I said gloomily.

And then we decided that my awesomeness in the kitchen was not really worth holding up dinner for, and we ate, and life dramatically improved right along with my blood sugar levels. Much later it occurred to me that I really like Bon Appetit‘s pimiento mac’n’cheese (don’t judge, pimiento cheese haters!! It’s really good), which is also free of the meat stuffs.

And then yesterday Em gave me a bag full of fresh-off-the-vine heirloom tomatoes, so now I have the fixings for a fantastic tomato/cucumber salad, and dinner is officially good again.

Does remind me though that I should probably get more comfortable with the meatless meal alternatives. I mean, there are plenty of comfort things like grilled cheese and tomato soup or a simple pasta or whatnot. But most of the time I like to put a little extra loving into the food I share with people, and extra loving apparently means meat to me. Must explore my options for the future.


Between tennis and emails and lazing about, I’ve now wasted almost two hours. Must get cracking. Happy Friday everyone!!

And Sharapova just took the first set, so I’m fairly sure it’s going to be a good one. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Busy Friday

  1. And how was the tennis weekend? And how did the mac’n’cheese turn out? I’m also trying to do more vegetarian stuff to save money for the humane meats I’m hoping to buy, but my carnivorous brain is a little blank. This week’s attempt is a rice and black bean thing–nice and fresh and summer-y. A grown-up, yummy mac’n’cheese sounds like a good goal for next week. Right now I’m just aiming at one vegetarian meal a week which sounds kind of lame, but it is a huge stretch for me.

    • Well, *I* don’t think it sounds lame, because aiming for one vegetarian meal a week is exactly where we are too. 🙂 Besides learning new menus, I’m also thinking about ways to just cut out the meat in meals that aren’t protein heavy to begin with—a veggie stir fry without the steak cubes, a pizza with artichokes and high quality cheese. I figure our American diets are so protein-heavy in general that I don’t have to worry about beans/tofu/etc if I’m only going meatless for 1-2 meals a week.

  2. My ideal meal plan for a week would have exactly three meals with meat in it. Let me know if you want to get a super-duper-hyperfantastic (and so on) vegetarian pasta recipe I found recently. It’s so good, I think I could it it several times a week (even though I don’t think I will do that).

    • Well, if it’s HYPERFANTASTIC you know I need a copy!! Lol. In fact, this sounds so important I think I’ll send you an email just to make sure you know how much I covet it.

      • I want all HYPERFANTASTIC vegetarian recipes, too! If Linda sends you any, could you forward them along to me? Pretty please?

  3. Wow…your recipes sound slobbery good to me! I’d say you’re good for company dishes. *drool drool drool* Summer is the best time ever for exploring veggie cooking. We have two new homeschool families we’re becoming friends with who are vegetarian too so I’m exploring veg packed lunches for field trips and veg kiddie snacks and potlucky lunch dishes for our get-togethers. Good for the brain, all this stretching.

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