Moms and lunches

I generally accept my in-laws’ occasional Spanish terms with an outwardly placid, inwardly confused moment of silence. For example, I have learned that mi hijo (pronounced me ho) is not a pirate’s possessive for his wench. It’s a mild term of endearment, meaning “my boy” about on par with “my sweet little man”… the way Carl’s mom says it, anyway.

And I have called my husband Carlito on occasion, it’s true.

And I was about to start this post by writing that my mamacita was going to be in town today to take me out to lunch when I realized that I wasn’t really 100% sure what a mamacita is except that Carl uses it for mother sometimes in that variable tone in the acreage somewhere between affection and ever so mild irony.

I mean, I figured it had to be momma, right? cita being the diminutive, so “little momma” or something like that.

Of course, being me, I then had to look it up.

Where I discovered that, according to the Urban Dictionary, it also means “a really hott mexican babe” as in “hey, mamacita, you looking good.” Which explains, now that I think about it, why Carl can use it for our mothers and my sister-in-law Lynda can use it for her three-year-old daughter.


Now I know.

Anyway, all that to say my mom is going to be in Plymouth today, and we are going to have an early birthday lunch, and I’m looking forward to it… but now that I’ve finished my bagel and o.j. I probably should wash some dishes and maybe put in my contacts and potentially also put on something besides jogging shorts and my husband’s old Goodwill shirt.

Small victories in the battle to appear less homeless. Or well, I guess it’s really the opposite of that, isn’t it?

Something like excessively homed?


3 thoughts on “Moms and lunches

  1. And what a completely splendid day we had! Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter. I am continually reminded of what I always thought: If I could only have one daughter, I’m glad the Lord gave me you!

    BTW, you looked simply beautiful…like a rose blooming! I loved your hair, your hair band, your coral necklace, and your feminine top. Totally lovely and happily homed!

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