Consider this the lazy girl’s post, where I lack the basic good breeding to attempt any sort of segue whatsoever between topics. Because it’s a Tuesday, and I can, and I only have so much time before my chicken and rice soup is ready to slurp.

  1. Carl and I found this really yummy Thai restaurant right next to Trader Joe’s and just across from Meijer called Thai Fresh. Kind of irresistible on grocery shopping Mondays when it’s lunch time and all you have at home is mac and cheese… It’s mostly a take away place, but we scored free hot and sour soup yesterday when we were dining in, and since it was pretty much the best hot and sour I’ve had in a long time, I’m all about the eating in and being friendly and generally looking like a worthy candidate for free soup. Also they give you lychee-flavored hard candies with the bill, and that’s kind of awesome, you have to admit.
  2. I’m deep in this fantastic book called Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner, and yes it’s potentially one of the more nauseating titles since I Kissed Dating Goodbye, but it’s NOT ABOUT THAT, I SWEAR. It’s a memoir by a woman with a Jewish father who converted to Orthodox Judaism in her teens and early twenties and then, several years later, converted again to Christianity. And it’s really good—fascinating for anyone interested in the connective tissue between Judaism and Christianity… and how disorienting it can be to try to reconcile two parts of your identity that would seem to be at war. Do yourself a favor and curl up with it some rainy day.
  3. We finally watched the documentary Food, Inc, which has been on our list for over a year. I’ve been dragging my feet, to be honest—or my eyeballs or whatever that metaphor would seem to demand. Mostly because I knew it would be extremely convicting and we would be forced to rethink the way we buy and eat and generally think about our meat and animal products. SIGH. But we watched it. And we started reading labels, and we can’t buy our meat at Meijer anymore for most part. It’s not a bad thing. It was probably time we got a little more conscientious anyway. After you watch people reaching inside holes punched in the sides of living cows in order to muck out the indigestible parts of the corn they’re being fed on the feed lot… yeah. You don’t mind paying a few bucks more for your hamburger. In fact, you could probably stand to eat a little less hamburger anyway.
  4. We got pre-approved for a mortgage yesterday, which seems incredibly grown up and very strange. We have to decide on a realtor sometime in the next week or two, and then we’ll be looking at houses. HOW VERY ODD. In related news, Plymouth has been voted one of the top 100 communities in the US to live in for a couple of the last five years. HOW VERY CONVENIENT.

4 thoughts on “Recently…

  1. 1.I took the kids out for Thai…just the boys and I…the other day. A was a little eyebrow raisy about that but it was good fun. I dig Thai. Hooray for lychee candies too! That’s cool!
    2.That is a horrible title. I read Mudhouse Sabbath by the same author and have been clutching it a bit needily ever since wishing there were more by the author. Am overjoyed to have you discover her AND find out there is another book. I will read instantly.
    3.Am pleased and sorry for you all at once. Solidarity though. Solidarity. I’m on board with conscientiousness.
    4.OOO!!!!!! How exciting! Do keep us updated. And by “us” I mean me. 😀

  2. How exciting about Thai Fresh. I shop at that TJ’s twice a week and see the restaurant every day, yet, I’ve never set foot inside. Will have to give it a try!

    So glad you’re liking the book 🙂

  3. So, yeah. Food Inc. Rats. Double, double rats. I have been dragging my feet for EXACTLY the same reason, and yet now that hear just one example of what goes on, I’m feeling totally convicted. Sigh. I have a big family to cook for, and I frequently cook for our entire church, and cheep Meijer ungodly cruel beef is already shockingly expensive. But how long can I really go on buying it and pretending it’s OK? Seriously. I’ve been worrying about this for a long time. I guess maybe it’s time to develop a taste for venison. It’s almost like beef, and if Gene kills it himself, then I know it was treated humanely. It’s like underwear. I stumbled across this great website that rates brand name companies for how well all the employees down their supply chains are treated (slave labor/child labor, etc.), and there are NO underwear companies on their site with better than a D-. Can I ever go pick up a pack of Hanes in good conscience again? But what is the alternative? Do I need to start sewing all our underwear myself? If I’m totally honest with my lazy self, I really don’t want to sew underwear, just like I don’t really want to eat venison instead of beef, but if all these easy American products are coming to my doorstep through intense suffering, is the fact that I just conveniently chose not to find out about it any sort of excuse? How can I say I love God and blindly abuse His creatures just because I like my easy life?

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