Alone Again, Naturally

Well, Carl has been at a conference in Dallas for the last few days, leaving me in a tailspin of tuna fish salad and Harry Potter video games. I swear I usually have more internal resources, garden of the soul, etc. Not so much this time.

My lovely neighbor popped by yesterday to drop off some homemade cookies for Carl and I… Haha. They were delicious.

Perhaps I will bake him something tomorrow?


Yes, probably. The guilt would be too much.

In the meantime, I keep having food dreams. Food and sex. I’m not going to say these are the things I’ve been missing most—we do talk a good quasi-companionate marriage game, Carl and I—but yes, the last two nights my dreams have been following a strict mashed potato-the steamy/lovely-bacon sandwich storyline. It’s pretty awesome.

And yes, technically I understand that as the primary cook of the household, there really shouldn’t be anything stopping me from whipping up some mashed potatoes when the urge strikes. But… for one person? ALL those dishes for ONE meal?

Cabinet diving, I call it. Haven’t run out of chicken noodle soup yet.

In other news, I’ve taken a job. Sort of. Just one day a week, doing clerical and writing odd-jobs for my brother’s nonprofit. It’s kind of exciting, and I’m looking forward to, you know, getting paid for working on short-term projects that other people will actually see! I don’t know if you were counting, but that’s three major wins in one sentence.

I’m happy about it. Hoping it helps give some structure to my week.

Although since my brother lives almost exactly two thousand miles away, today’s three hour training meeting will be conducted via Skype. Meaning I probably should shower some time soon. I thought about also doing the dishes, but I think I’m going to just sit on the other side of the table so the lap top points away from the kitchen.

I’m clever like that.

Happy Friday, everybody! May your favorite people be home tonight and your work be rewarding!


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