The Friday 5

  1. I wrote a bunch of shoddy sentences today and one that I sort of like: “She’d decided not to think about it, but in her not thinking existed all the decades of her living.” I had a professor in grad school who LOVED to talk about unpacking sentences (swirling hand movements optional). This one is perhaps only carry-on sized but serviceable for sure.
  2. I’m finally reading the Wisdom of Solomon and the Wisdom of Sirach, thanks to Carlie who randomly bought me an Orthodox study Bible for Christmas. I love how—even when we’re not very good about talking regularly—we still end up chewing through the same sorts of thoughts around the same time in life. Companionship is a good thing.
  3. I’m also glad Carl and I are going to be out tonight and therefore cannot watch the Wings game. Their doom is assured. I don’t need to see it. I’ll catch up with them in October. Stupid Wingies.
  4. I finally made a juicy pork chop last night. Breaded, fried, and finished in the oven. Cheers for me.
  5. Pilates is kicking my butt. All known muscles in my arms and legs are now sore. By the end of four weeks, I will either be toned or I will have quit. Let’s be generous and refrain from calculating the odds, shall we?

2 thoughts on “The Friday 5

  1. Hee hee! What a great five point summary! I want to know the secrets to juicy pork chops….and yay for reading “the books of great mystery!” I was at a bbq at a friend’s house and on Friday when you called. Can’t wait to chat soon. I would call you this minute except I um, lost my phone. Am a certifiable mess.

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