Royal Wedding Goodness

Well, the happy young couple has just retreated to sign the register on E!’s encore showing of the royal wedding, and my friend has just dashed off to get ready for the rehearsal this evening for a wedding in her family, so am left to my own devises…

Mostly eating the left over pineapple and scones from our breakfast tea party.

I know.

We’re nerds.

Yes, but happy nerds, and I think that’s all that really counts. The tea party was lovely. I provided the tea (PG tips, of c), pineapple and strawberries, and Wedgewood/Spode service. Xtina brought the most amazing almond/cinnamon scones (glazed!), and we sat down to faux English loveliness in our pajamas.

Which is really the marriage of all that is wonderful about England and the United States, yes? So much marriage. So much loveliness.

Carl stopped by for a cup of tea and a scone before work, wearing a tie, which I think marks the first time in two years he’s sported the old noose and tail. He and his two friends in the art department are dressing up for the royal wedding…  a friendly, ironic dig at the ridiculousness of wedding fever. And perhaps their WAGs.

One grins. That’s all.

Hard to say exactly why, but the wedding really was touching. (And here they are, coming back down the aisle. Sigh). I suppose because they’re sort of our age, because it’s refreshing to hear the media talk about somebody who’s famous for something besides reality television, because when else in life does a third of the globe acknowledge the same event at the same time? And because the service was so beautifully expressive of the Anglican faith and traditions. Who knows what the couple actually believes, but the service and homily were so simple, truthful, and lovely.

I’m a fan.

Right. More pineapple and a little more coverage, and maybe eventually a shower and some work. Work would probably be a good idea at some point today.

Happy Friday, friends.


4 thoughts on “Royal Wedding Goodness

  1. I also watched the Royal Wedding yesterday and really enjoyed it. I think there is always something quite touching when two young people promise to live their lives together “to love and to cherish, ’til death do us part.”This couple have it particulary difficult with the press watching every move they make. I really pray that God will bless them and watch over their marriage and every marrriage of those near and dear to me. It is really sad when you see that so many young people who started off their marriages with high hopes and goals, becoming disillusioned and giving up. My plea would be for them to fight for their marriages and get help as soon as possible. The best is often still to come!

  2. I am so happy to hear that you watched. I was somehow sure you did but it makes me happy to know just the same. I would have come over and joined in if we lived closer. As is, I’ll have to catch up via YouTube.

  3. Nothing like being happy nerds, especially happy nerds with awesome food. I was a happy nine-months pregnant woman and slept right through, but I could have used a tea party just the same.

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