Today I am opening the windows and letting the breeze ruffle through our belongings and around all the heavy, solid things in our lives that haven’t moved all winter.

It feels—and smells—delicious.

I always miss the feel of moving air in the winter, the sound of it getting tangled up in the venetian blinds. The impulse to open a window comes I think from the same, half-conscious prompting to reach across and hold your partner’s hand as you walk along together, just a way of saying I’m here with you, I enjoy being with you.

I enjoy being with the earth.

Even in our very much suburban neighborhood. We still have grass and trees, and I feel a friendly sort of shared silence with the windows open, a connection that requires no tending while I wash dishes and fold laundry and edit a short story.

I like things that require no effort.

Especially coming off such a long, creatively & emotionally dry winter.

Today feels good.


2 thoughts on “Today

  1. YES. My absolute favorite thing about this time of year is opening up the house, feeling the breeze, smelling the fresh air, hearing the birds again. Before I know it, it’ll be hot, and I’ll be closing up the windows to hoard the meager output of our little air conditioners, but for now, I get to connect with nature and it is restoration and peace like few other things.

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