Same Old

Except for the sunshine, of course. Growing up in Michigan teaches you that sunshine should NEVER be taken for granted. I’m just waiting for the next day it’s warm enough to open a window. It’s supposed to be low 60s by this afternoon, so I might open up the abode for a little bit then, just to freshen it up. I love the smell of spring!

We’re in the countdown to Easter now, and Carl is working late more often than not. Last night he wasn’t home until after ten. I’m hoping he still gets a 2 day weekend coming up, but it’s never a sure bet.

Of course, the whole week was dramatically sweetened late last night, when strings were pulled and one of his coworkers called to say he’d gotten us free tickets to the round one, game one Stanley Cup playoffs tonight. Red Wings vs. the Coyotes, friends, which probably means nothing to you.

But is fantastic for us!

Am really looking forward to not only seeing the game, but seeing Carl before 10pm. It’s a good thing.

As for the writing, it continues. That might be the best I can say for it. Am rewriting a long section in the middle from a different perspective, which alters some of the details but leaves other paragraphs more or less intact. So it’s going fairly quickly.

I try not to think about whether it fixes everything. Big time statements like that are dangerous to my mental health. It’s too easy to get discouraged.

But it makes things better.

That’s a good thing, right?

I’m starting to get to the point where I need to send something out again. Not so much because I think it will be accepted, but because I need to do it for myself. To keep the wheels turning. To make me feel like I’m trying again, full steam ahead, back in the game, and all those hardworking cliches.

It continues.

I continue.

Spring continues.

I’m pretty content with all of that.


2 thoughts on “Same Old

  1. How awesome you got those tickets! That’s a lovely break in the midst of the craziness. I always think of Carl at holidays, knowing how hard he must be working and how little you two are probably getting to see each other. Hang in there!

    • Thanks! Easter and Christmas are always crazy, but it really helps to have a definite end point when things WILL get back to normal.

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