Adventures in Cake Pops!!

Carl brought home some AMAZING cake pops from work the other day. Apparently there are bonuses to having the video and art departments housed together now. Especially when one of the design girls is a fantastic baker.

Anyway, I had never heard of cake pops before, but let me tell you they have two fantastic things going for them: First, they are delicious. Second, they are adorable. Delicious and adorable. Adorable and delicious.

Eating one of them sort of makes it a given that you WILL try to figure out how to make them—those little truffly balls of cake goodness covered in candy or chocolate coating. We succumbed to the urge around 10pm on Wednesday night, even dredging ourselves up from the couch to put on non-pajama related clothing and drive to Meijer to get the ingredients.

I made the cake part the evening before and assembled them the next day. Even the thrill of cake pops wasn’t enough to lure me into dipping them that night after chilling for three hours. I think that would’ve meant dipping at 2am, and that really wasn’t an option. I think I was launching sleepy feminist diatribes at my husband’s long suffering right shoulder at that particular hour (vital, no doubt), thanks to the caffeine from the coke that I really NEEDED since we’d already gone all the way to Meijer.

You know how it goes.

Anyway, turns out they’re pretty easy (cake pops, I mean, though feminist diatribes are also totally worth it). The only thing I’d do differently is maybe find a way of thinning out the chocolate coating. Or maybe a ganache? I’d love a shinier finish to the chocolate. And while you can make the cake from any boxed mix, vanilla felt a little plain. Maybe cherry chip? Red velvet?

Post-chilling, the cake niblets are ready for dipping!

The dipping and sprinkling stations.

Not too shabby for a first run. Again, I think next time I’d definitely aim to kick up the flavors a notch and maybe look into a ganache coating. And if you wanted to be uber cute, you could even tie little ribbons around the sticks.

I DO love a good success story.

Now to tackle the chicken mole…


5 thoughts on “Adventures in Cake Pops!!

  1. Oh yum! I’ve never tried cake pops but they look like lots of fun. Maybe for a future kid birthday party? Encouraging to see that it is so easy!

  2. The recipe is super easy: just bake a cake according to the package in a 13×9 and let it cool. When it’s cool, tear/crumble it into little pieces into a bowl. Mix in a 16oz tub (or slightly less than a tub) of frosting and mix together with your clean hands. Roll into balls and chill for 3 hours. You can dunk them like truffles or put them on lollypop sticks.

    I made half a recipe and ended up with about 20 pops.

    If you want to be super awed/inspired, check out the cake pop mastery at Bakerella (

  3. I’ve never tried cake pops, but I LOVE Bakerella’s “Wicked Good Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding” (although I’ve never actually included the peanut butter because the first time I made it Gene’s mom was here, and she’s allergic to legumes, and it was so awesome without the peanut butter that when I think of adding it, I get sad that I’ll be missing the pure chocolate perfection and leave it out after all), and when on Bakerella’s site I saw her cake pops book, so I got curious. One of these days I hope to give them a try.

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