A few good things

Well, I can’t report on the new writing escapades because the writing thing happens after the blogging thing and, incidentally, after my brain has fully powered up for the day, but I can just comment on all the books and films and music I’ve been enjoying lately.

Which, thankfully, is a lot.

I mean, I usually keep one foot in the stream (not that I’m up-to-date—I seem to stumble onto my favorite things years if not DOZENS of years after it was first pronounced awesome. BUT the world is large, and I’m pretty sure it’s 3 dimensional rather than 2, so you can wander in your own direction at your own speed, right? Also, if we’re talking about pop music, I think there’s a critical cooling period that must be observed before an idiotic song becomes slightly faded and can be enjoyed with a little side salad of irony. And YES, you know I’m talking about you, Marc Anthony.)

Lost my train.

OH. Was saying that I try to keep one foot in the stream, but lately I really dropped off. Didn’t read anything for a month, didn’t listen to music. Sort of an arid winter here abouts.

Am mercifully back to my usual, however, and lately all the lovelies in the top picture as well as some forays into new music… which brought me to this fantastic music video. And let it be noted that I sort of love music videos. I don’t watch very many, because I’m pretty unthrilled with the super sexual ones (or the violent stuff. If the choice is between Grammy and prison, I usually vote prison). And that seems to be the major theme of many, so yeah I don’t watch a ton.

But also yes, I enjoy the unselfconscious ridiculousness. Because you have to be pretty shameless to star in a music video, right? I mean, the whole lip synching whilst making artsy faces thing is kind of fascinating. I can’t even imagine, to be honest. I think I would feel sort of uncomfortable in my plastic space pants and feel (more or less) foolish, eventually edging off the set with a sort of apologetic and baleful look at the director.

I am fascinated by people who don’t.

And in that vein, you really have to check out MIKA’s vid for his single “Rain.” I think it’s the most exuberant marriage of Shakespeare and video game sounds I’ve ever seen. Take a look and then tell me you don’t think of EVERY production of Midsummer‘s you’ve ever seen as this unfolds. And YES, it gets much more awesome as it continues. Wait for the fireworks. Literally.


Awesome, right?


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