Reluctant Spring

So far our intrepid geranium is the only evidence of spring, and she’s on this side of the glass, so I’m not sure it really counts. Skies have been gray all week. Grass is visible at last, but dull. Trees aren’t budding yet.

We finally packed away our winter decorations last week.

The glass bowl of pine-scented cones, juniper sprigs, and cinnamon sticks is gone from the table. The “cranberry woods” candle is down to the dregs.

We stopped at Pier One for a few odds and ends. Some twisted raffia carrots for the door. A bunch of painted wood Easter eggs. At Kroger yesterday the friendly cashier asked if we’d stocked up on candy yet. I said no, we didn’t dare. The candy already flows pretty freely at my family’s Easter hunt.

And I did give up Facebook for Lent. I wasn’t sure if it was going to stick or not, so I took the first week or so as a trial run. But I think it’s going to be a great success. I’ve been on slow wean job from Facebook for probably the last year or so, since it stopped being about actual groups of friends and became a publicity platform for Everyone You Have Ever Met (and many you have not).

I liked Facebook when it was about keeping up with friends and vacation pictures and flirting with Carl.

But I don’t want to hear political rants anymore, and unless I’m having a cup of coffee with you I don’t care about your theology, and passive aggressive status updates stress me out, and I’m pretty sure I could live my whole life without knowing what Random Friend’s naked belly looked like on week 23 of her pregnancy.

Basically,  social media has become too much like regular social.

And you know how I feel about that.

If you want more peace in your life, not gawking at the social tranwrecks on Facebook is probably a fair step in the right direction. I remain hopeful.

Happy spring, everybody.


2 thoughts on “Reluctant Spring

  1. What a brave geranium! Mine haven’t done diddly this winter in the way of blooms. Not sure what that’s about exactly.

    I am sorry Facebook feels so suffocating to you. It’s good to opt out if you feel something has become your own personal poison. And keeping your Lenten fast sounds like a good, cleansing discipline…which is after all what it is about.

  2. Mmm. Seasonal decorations. I used to decorate feverishly, but now all my decorations are in storage, and the house has been sort of seasonless for awhile. I’m hoping to bring my boxes back. It’s just a question of where to put them. Making a small house hold a growing family is challenging.

    I hope you feel refreshed after your Facebook fast. I can’t say I haven’t considered it myself.

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