Groove Hunting

Ah, family get togethers.

We had a shower this weekend for Carl’s sister, two brunches, and an 80th birthday party for his grandpa, so there were LOTS of goings-on and, of course, ample opportunity for repeat offenders to exhibit the dark’n’snark side of their personalities.

I’m just saying.

But I think over all it went really well, and it was nice to see lots of the out of towners. And of course the day after was lovely as days after generally are. We slept in and worked out and went shopping and had a nice lunch at 5 Guys Burger & Fries.

Which was SO yummy.

Although we agreed if we ever go again we are definitely ordering the small burgers and sharing a small order of fries because we were both about three beats from a heart attack by the end of that meal. But yes. Deliciousness was achieved.

Today has been more of same, although I’m trying to get more into the groove. After a lead on a mag, I’ve been doing some research this afternoon on potential essays/articles. It doesn’t pay much, but it would be a publication credit and a little confidence boost.

I’ve been struggling all month with the fundamental insecurity that is just part and parcel with most creative careers. Paychecks are never a given. Two years of work could turn out to be a total waste. Nothing is certain. Even the advice is ridiculously contradictory: write for yourself, but be aware that market expectations are increasingly rigid. Persistence is everything, but agents and editors are really looking for a talent/voice that wows them. Don’t follow trends, but do be current. Stay within this formula, but be original.


I’m putting in another hour at this desk and then I’m off to do something with a slightly better return rate. Like cooking. I’m a big fan of that. I like be able to put a pan of asparagus under the broiler and know what I’m going to get when the timer goes off. Actually, the longer I sit here, the better that deal sounds.

Carl has a late-ish shoot tonight, so we probably won’t be home until 8. Which means I probably need a snack to tide.

Yes. Maybe a coffee break and THEN the last hour of work.

That sounds much better.


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