This is how we do it

We do it gingerly.

We set the timer for 60 minutes, and we fix ourselves a cup of coffee. We sit at the kitchen table and contemplate the battered manuscript. We make the necessary decision to rewrite the book with the most promise and leave the other projects on the back burner for a while.

We decide it’s okay to still be so far from being done.

We decide 60 minutes is a successful day, two hours fantastic.

Maybe (eventually) we even stop talking in the majestic plural.

I guess that’s how it’s done.

Last week was a good week of scrapbooking and cleaning and zombie slaying (look at me, all unlocking achievements left and right), but I would really like to be back in writing mode. I even bought myself some sticky notes yesterday—all the better for marking pages of the manuscript where certain characters show up or scenes need to be reworked or what not. Nothing like new office supplies for motivation. I’m actually being serious. I have always loved office and school supplies.

I also have a paczki sitting near me, so you know it can’t be a really rough day.

Carl and I are still trying to decide what to give up for Lent, which kicks off tomorrow. If Lent can be said to “kick off.” Sweets are always a popular thing to give up, but I’m thinking something inedible this year. Some form of media. Maybe Facebook. I’m not sure. Of course, giving up Facebook could ultimately be just as self-serving as giving up sugar since I’m starting to really hate Facebook. Not that it doesn’t have its uses. I like it for photo sharing with my family. I love to see pictures from my fam, especially folks I don’t get to see very often. But the rest of it—the posturing and the pointless controversies and the passive aggressive barbs—that just stresses me out.

Although a few months ago I discovered the wonderful little blue X in the News Feed section, so there might have been a happy time of Xing all the folks whose news, for whatever reason, stresses me out. I also unfriended a few people—the type with the constant stream of aggressive political status updates. Nails on chalkboard, people. I couldn’t handle it.

Now I have very few people in my news feed, but I never have to log in and worry about being ambushed by Facebook bandits and brawlers.

Life is easier.

I like that.

Off to start the read through. And eat my paczki.

Happy Fat Tuesday, friends!


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