Almost forgot about these

I’m still on sabbatical, which is what I’ve decided to call my latest stretch of listening to music and doing odd jobs. It feels great, by the way. I’m a whole new person. I may even start watching the 11 hour Brideshead Revisited.

In fact I’m going to dash off pronto and do something wild and crazy like… put my yam in the oven for lunch. But before I do, I forgot to post our Oscar day pictures earlier, so here’s a little photo trip of our Sunday.

The boys came for the weekend. We usually go to church on Saturdays, which means Sunday mornings are properly lazy and lovely. We had some breakfast and then got to our prep for the party. Joel made the chocolate pots.

I made Paula Deen’s lemon blossoms—mini cupcakes dipped in a zippy fresh lemon glaze. Quite good, if I do say.

Steve made the couch look good. I like when Joel comes over and cooks or makes puzzles with me, but to be honest I also like when people do what they really want. So it makes me happy when Steve comes over and lounges across the furniture and reads my books.

Joel ladling out the chocolate.

Cooling chocolate is always a happy sight.


Chatting during commercials. We weren’t big fans of the hosting. Specifically, we decided it would be ok if we never saw Anne Hathaway again.

Carl printed up these ballots for everybody. Out of 24 categories (I think it was 24) we got about 14 right, proving that we do in fact watch too many movies. That being said, I was delighted to lose my former prediction that The Social Network would win best picture. Happy times. Happy times and zero cokes for me.

Just a happy time with friends. And plenty of good leftovers for us.

My kind of weekend.


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