Scraps & Snaps

A lovely weekend was had, and a restful Monday stretches ahead. Except for Carl, anyway, who is already at the dentist, getting his teeth cleaned. But APART from the dentist for him and APART from a rather large mountain of dishes and maybe some vacuuming and cleaning for me, the day promises to be a good one.

Ok, also apart from the weather. Gray and dungeon-like today, with a “wintery mix” scheduled for approximately all day.


My friend Mel came over on Saturday for a day of scrapbooking. We started at 9am and finished up at 5pm, which makes my 8 completed pages seem a bit paltry, but there you go. Seems neither Rome nor scrapbooks were built etc.

It’s sort of amazing how quickly scrapbooking supplies can take over any given space. We started in the dining area and eventually migrated over to the living room and, well, you see how that turned out.

I do like companionable scrap times. A chance to chat or share music or watch movies—preferably familiar, much-loved ones like Beauty and the Beast that allow for endless amounts of commentary and loving criticism.

Mel had found a recipe for a stuffed mushroom cap appetizer (lemony, spinachy, garlicy, cheesy, crispy breadcrumb crunchy) that looked delish, so we whipped up those for lunch. Not perhaps the most balanced or rational of midday meals, but they were super yummy. And there was a lot of mushroom involved in each bite, so that counts as high veg, right?

Just a chatty, yummy, artful sort of day.

I feel most at home with words and characters and ideas, but I have to admit to a certain fascination with graphic things—layouts and colors and patterns and proportions. I never feel confident about things like that and am forever asking Carl what he thinks of this layout or these patterns together. But for all my hesitancies, I really, really love design.

All of it.

I like colors on my walls and furniture nicely clustered. I am easily impressed by people who can draw or paint. I am constantly trying to express the things I love about the world on a 12×12 paper canvas, ostensibly devoted to a vacation or season or kid.

I think it just comes down to this: I like beautiful, delicious, kind-hearted things.

I like them in solitude, and I like them in friendship, and the lovely thing is that we’re always creating something. Even if it’s just a safe, regular sort of day for our kids or clients. A comfort food dinner. Order out of the chaos in one’s closet.

A scrapbook page.

It doesn’t matter.

Happy creating, everybody.


3 thoughts on “Scraps & Snaps

  1. Your scrapbooks are such works of art…and heirlooms too, I always think! Glad you’re keeping at it, and a page an hour with all the fun of Mel over seems like a pretty good rate and a really good deal! 🙂

  2. I am totally impressed by your page output. When I used to scrapbook, I spent three or four hours per page, and my pages never looked as good as yours. The mushroom caps for lunch looked fabulous, too. Now I’m having a pregnant craving…

  3. You’re amazing at scrapbooking and design. I wish I understood the design vs. creation thing. I can make pretty things but I can’t arrange to save my life. It sure is curious stuff.

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