Clothes, Colors, Bliss

Being self-employed or unemployed or whatever you want to call the arid waiting room of unpublished novelists—anyway it leads to a bit of a dip in one’s fashion consciousness. I like the idea of looking nice. Sometimes I even go so far as to open my closet.

Before laughing and shuffling off again in one of Carl’s old t-shirts and my flannel pajama pants.

That’s the score, people.

And I’m fine with it. That’s just standard office wear in my profession. My friend Em and I joke about this a lot because she’s an artist (sells through this fab little shop, her Etsy store, and local art fairs) and has the same uniform policy. In our world, “office party” means hanging out with a friend at home. In pajamas.

That being said, a girl likes to have the option of looking put together, and I’ve really been having fun lately catching up with the spring mags and fashions. Fashion rags are constantly crowing over the latest trends, and though I sometimes wonder how exactly denim or floral prints can be considered a new trend (sorry, MC!), my fashion sense is just patchy enough that I still enjoy reading the same articles every year.

Clothes, colors, bliss.

These are the things I’m most excited about this year:

  1. Lace and crochet—it’s everywhere! Bags, shoes, collars, overlays. I’m not much of a lace person, but suddenly it looks kind of fun to me. Little touches of it here and there could be fun. I like the overlay panels on shoes that I keep seeing around.
  2. Rattan—Not a hat person, but a big rattan beachy bag is such a summer classic I may be swayed.
  3. Sheer—I tend to avoid layering because at 5’2 I have to keep things really simple, but I can imagine a sheer, neutral top with a neutral cami underneath working for me. I love the look on other people. It might be time to give it a try.
  4. White—shirts, dresses, shorts. You only live once. And you’ll probably only get to wear it once, but hey. Why not?
  5. Sporty—my sneaker-loving soul rejoices.

Not super keen on the whole neon thing, the tribal/safari stuff, the hot pink lipstick and blue eyeshadow, but that’s ok. Different strokes for different folks.

Am looking forward to spring cleaning in my closet, and anything that makes me excited to clean is a bonus in my world. For most of us mortals, the truth is that we buy pretty sparingly each season, but it’s nice to have those little touches—the soft white t-shirt or the replacement summer bag—whatever it is that reminds us spring is coming and life is worth celebrating.

I’m a fan.

What’s catching your eye?


2 thoughts on “Clothes, Colors, Bliss

  1. New stuff? Hmmm….leggings (I fell for them), straight leg jeans (although I have to admit I’m not thin enough to consider skinny jeans possible), headbands, socks in different colors, a simple, slightly sporty bikini in solid colors, green (I have discovered I can wear select shades and I’m somewhat obsessed) and um….what else? Gold sandals? I think I’m on the hunt for a pair all laced with straps that makes me feel like Helen of Troy.

  2. Hot pink lipstick and blue eyeshadow? I had that in third grade (not that I wore it to school–just sayin’). I should have known this was coming because I also had straight leg jeans in elementary school and leggings galore. Oh, and now that I’m thinking about it, lace was in then, too, as were neon, and floral prints, and the color white. Next thing you know, everyone will be wearing their hair in French braids and feathering their bangs. We’re just far enough removed from the 80’s that all this stuff is no longer outdated. Now it’s fresh and interesting. It’s funny how things cycle, and funny, too, that all this stuff got brought back en masse, like we can’t have skinny jeans without blue eyeshadow or something.

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