Hockey Day in America

Sunday was Hockey Day in America, in case you didn’t know.

I didn’t. I thought Carl was joking when he told me Sunday morning, but I learned the error of my ways when the hockey programming began at noon. Fine by me. I knew there was a Detroit/Minnesota game on today; scrapbooking and copious cups of tea were earmarked. Snowstorm scheduled. I was prepared.

Only trouble being that you can’t schedule creativity. I tinkered with a fourth of July layout for an hour before admitting defeat. (Two periods into the first game. Carl balancing on one foot on his balance board. Break in programming to update on the coming snow storm).


Laptop open. Scan my usual sites.

Snow starts falling in a sudden puff of white.

Recall random memories. Waking up. Carl tells me he’s thinking about getting a gun. I ask whether it wouldn’t be easier to finally get around to putting locks on our windows. He says a shotgun. I wonder if a hand gun doesn’t make more sense. He says shotguns are better both psychologically and something about the accuracy. I say it makes no difference to me, but it will have to be under lock and key any time there’s a child in the house. I don’t really like guns.

He considers this. Maybe, he says, he’ll get a harpoon instead.

I say that sounds fantastic. Talk about your psychological edge.

… Snow is starting to accumulate now. The score is still nada zilch. Not exactly a thriller.

Decide to upload photos from the camera. It’s a pretty random assortment.

Carl is tidy even when he cooks.

We spent an evening with Carl’s rels last week.

Work never really ends in creative fields. The shape of these lower banners are different, interesting. Would look good in the next series. Carl snaps a note to self.


Detroit 1, Minnesota 0. “YES!” I say. I open another folder of old pictures. I haven’t looked at these in a long time. This late night photoshoot with Carl, Steve, and Joel still makes me laugh.

Score. Minnesota this time.


Food? Carl says we’ll go out after this period since we didn’t go out yesterday for our usual Saturday evening outing. Wherever I want to go. A little outing between Detroit’s game this afternoon and Carl’s game this evening.

Hockey Day in America, people.

A laid back, cosy, sleepy day.


3 thoughts on “Hockey Day in America

  1. Sounds like a perfectly happy Sunday afternoon and evening. Our evening service got canceled due to the storm, so we’ve watched 5 of the first Downton Abby series. I was just DYING to finish them, but Dad was tired. So…we have something to look forward to this evening. How did Carl’s game turn out?

    Love the pix, BTW! Is that Carl’s after-affects creativity, an I-phone app…or your ingenuity?

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