Nothing like a good rant to clean the pipes.

The book continues to flounder aimlessly in the early 100s, but I made a successful slow cooker mac’n’cheese yesterday. That has to count for something. I printed off the Place of Execution book and set it neatly on my not very neat desk so maybe at some point I’ll start tearing into that. Carl advises me to write essays for a while since the turn-around time is better.

I’m in sad need for something besides dangling carrots these days.

I survive on stubbornness and compliments mostly. Some of them can even be oblique. I don’t care. The very tiny, very helpful girl who works at our UPS store knows me by face now and knows that I mail and photocopy book manuscripts. She asks me if this is a new book and what it’s about and how it sounds interesting and then says she’s taking an English class in college right now and has a good teacher so it’s fun. Her teacher is writing a novel about Detroit and raves, she tells me.

I tell her that sounds really interesting.

It makes me feel absurdly better to know that someone who isn’t required by blood or friendship to think of me as a writer DOES.


In other news the weather has been fantastic, the snow’s melting, our Xbox broke so the zombies are no doubt getting ahead, I’m sorting through pictures to make a scrapbook of our California trip, Carl’s trying to get out of having to go to a conference in Chicago sometime in the next few weeks, and we’ve become hooked on this new BBC mini series called Downton Abbey.

It’s written by the guy who did Gosford Park, so it has a very similar, upstairs/downstairs feel. Lots of fun, though some of the issues feel decidedly more modern. Jane Austen would not have written this in the 1800s. That’s all I’m saying.

We’re only two episodes in, and I’m having a hard time cheering on any of the romantic relationships, but let me tell you I am ALL about this nouveau riche guy finally being nice to his super cute, stiff-upper-lip valet.

Oh, and I found this picture in our California folder.

I love it when animals look cranky.

One of those pictures just begging for a caption.

Happy Friday, everyone!


6 thoughts on “Cruisin’

    • Hold the phone!! There’s going to be a 2nd series!?! I was all giddy last night when we finished the second episode and Carl said there were still five more to go. This is the best news of my day!

      I’m really loving all the downstairs/servant dynamics. And I like the ebb and flow of the Grantham marriage. I love a good classic, but there’s something fresh about Downton Abbey that I’m loving.

  1. “I love it when animals look cranky.” this LITERALLY made me laugh out loud (though, maybe not LOL). =)

    YOU are GREAT. =) and a talented writer. and i don’t just say that b/c you’re my friend. i say it b/c it’s the truth (also, b/c “you need to know”). and would marc anthony lie to you? NO. would he sing to you? probably…

  2. marc anthony sounds like a lot of fun. I’m just sayin’.

    Also, I have been dying to check out Downton Abbey and am so glad that you have found it. I keep trying to remember to ask you if you have seen it yet. I love that Carl watches them with you.

    Animals being cranky is indeed so comforting somehow.

    And yes, yes. I too feel this massive boost from people who are not sworn to allegiance being all legitimizing towards me. I lap that up. Must remember to dish out more often too.

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