February Daydreams

Nothing like a little February vacation daydreaming. We’re heading to Florida next month for a little sunny R&R, but I like planning vacations almost as much as going on them, so I have a handful of dream trips that range anywhere from feasible to ludicrous.

I’m ok with both.

Here are my top 5 these days:

  1. Cliche, yes, but also awesome. I want to go some place tropical—say Hawaii or French Polynesia—and spend an entire week doing nothing. I love historical/museum/cultural vacations, but we’ve over-planned our last couple of trips and could use a relaxing one soon. We tried to do this on our honeymoon, but Carl had a really horrible flu for the first couple days of our h-moon. I’m voting for a do over.
  2. St. Petersburg & Moscow. I’ve been fascinated since reading a bunch of Russian novels in college. So much history. So far removed from my normal life.
  3. New York City & Washington. Carl and I have both been, but it’s been years and years since I was in D.C. and Carl was in NY for work and didn’t get to see much of the city. One of my goals in life is to spend some quality time in the Smithsonian museums, so a combo trip would work nicely.
  4. Ireland. I keep seeing pictures. I keep drooling.
  5. Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. This one is looking especially tempting now that we have family in Washington. I’d love to see the coast up there too.

What’s on your dream radar these days??


4 thoughts on “February Daydreams

  1. Similar dreams! Disney for sure, Ireland, Jon, Linda, and the great Northwest, and St. Pete’s are all on our dream calendar. Hawaii for 2012, Israel for 2013, and beyond that, I can’t plan, but I can imagine the Orient, the western Mediterranean, and the Southern Caribbean…Africa for a mission trip…

  2. Florida is a great dream to tide me through the winter right now. Other travel dreams on my brain include: Martha’s Vineyard, more Cape Cod, PEI, Wales, The Isle of Skye, Bali, India,Tonga, The Galapagos, Kansas when the wheat is ripe…. I could go on all day. 🙂

  3. What a fun question! My dream is to spend six months in Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, etc) and really spend time getting to know the people and culture. :Sigh: it will happen one day 🙂
    Have a great trip to Florida. Let me know if you need a plant sitter.

  4. You know, I can’t imagine any place on the globe that wouldn’t be interesting for one reason or another, but the place that’s really calling to me is home, the Willamette Valley, Corvallis, the Oregon Coast. I want to eat in the restaurants I went to as a teenager, show my kids the house my family had, walk around the OSU campus like I did with my mom when I was little. It’s been ten and a half years since I’ve been back there. It’s weird having your parents move right after you get married. When you go to see your family, you’re going to a place you never lived, so even though you’re in your parents’ house, you aren’t home. Maybe it’s just that I’m entering my third trimester and feeling all nesty and fragile, but right now, I’d take a little walk back through the long lost familiar over a new adventure any day.

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