Days of wine and roses

Actually, we have a dearth of both at our place, unless you count cheapo cooking wine and the intention to buy some tulips because they’re so springy and it’s (drumroll) actually been in the 30s this weekend. Feels like a heatwave after all that -15 with windchill stuff. Anyway, happy V-Day to all you celebrators and abstainers alike!

I don’t have much in the way of pinks and reds to share, but I did takes this shot of…

Sunset outside the abode last night.

Call it the weekend of love. Carl’s birthday was Saturday and was, if I may say, a huge success. Being a Saturday, he had to work as usual, but we skipped town ASAP afterwards and headed for Ann Arbor for a little Indian dinner deliciousness. We’ve been to the same restaurant a handful of times, and I still haven’t tried anything besides the Punjabi lamb I got the first time because it’s SO FANTASTIC I can’t imagine not wanting to eat it at every opportunity.

As for the birthday, please see Exhibit A below.

One of my goals for the year (and for honesty sake I totally just made this one up right now, but it’s a great goal and shall commit now that the goal is identified) is to become handier with the camera. I used to take snaps all the time with my little digi. Then I married somebody who took classes in photography and loves cameras and takes pictures, and I guess I got shutter speed insecurities. Well, and also it was really nice to loll around enjoying events while Carl was zipping about getting all the classic moments.


Well, actually MOST OF THE TIME, but once in a while NOT SO.

In this first place, I began to notice the absence of said Primary Loved One when flipping through our photos. In the second place, Carl has a gift for documenting events: when people come over, when we do new fun things, when we go somewhere, holidays, children. I adore having those pictures, but I kind of have a weakness for nonevents too. I like the cozy normal.

Snapshots of the basil plant blooming, the sunset out the window, how we look today, doing nothing.

I just like taking pictures. I forgot about that for a year or two.

May take me a while to get up to speed, but the truth is even the learning process is fun. And I love finally having some pictures of Carl. Like these ones of Carl reading birthday cards.

And hearing the snap/crackle/pop of me trying to get the focus right.

Which leads to this.

Which leads to loving complaints re: the sight of Carl grinning in pics being roughly comparable to the dodo, the passenger pigeon, the mastodon, et all.

I am indulged.

So happy indulgence day.

Hope you all get the pictures and the moments you’re wishing for.


7 thoughts on “Days of wine and roses

  1. Just love those pictures of Carl! Christoph can also take better pictures than I can, but I’ve always got my camera with me. Glad you had such a nice weekend.

  2. I TOTALLY know what you mean about the whole photography thing. The better Gene gets, the less I even try, which is really sad because I used to really like taking pictures. It’s a little hard now because it’s challenging to take pictures while holding a baby, so to do much photography I would have to ask Gene to hold the baby. And that always feels like a bummer because I know we’ll get a higher percentage of good shots if I hold the baby and Gene takes the pictures. But that just means that I get rustier while Gene hones his skill, and we dig ourselves in deeper. I miss those days when we did a lot of weddings together, and I felt like I had hit my stride.

    • Sadness abounds! No two people have the same artistic eye—I loved that about having both you and Gene take our wedding pics. Some of my favorites (the random strappy shoe, getting dressed, etc) are the one you snapped. You have such a great eye for in-the-moment stuff.

      … not that I don’t see your point about having babies to corral. I’m just saying. I can learn a lot from Carl about lenses and shutter speeds and depth of field crap and I’m sure you can learn a lot from Gene, but in the end, we see the world a little bit differently, we see moments and angles others miss. And our lives are richer for having both views. That’s what marriage and art are all about, right?

  3. Your post and your comment to Andrea are so spot on. I love the artistic desires and impulses and eye of each individual artist being in the driver’s seat. I think it’s great to not allow our partner being good to keep us cowed on the topic. The same goes for friends, by the way! There is room in the world for an infinite number of perspectives and takes on anything. If “the world ain’t big enough for the both of us” then you have to stretch your world out…not shrink yourself to fit in a different, smaller one. I think it’s wonderful that you and I both write and blog and photograph, that you and Carl both photograph and play tennis and sleep-in luxuriantly. I am encouraged that we are able to live in each other’s lives and share interests. Competition is all well and good at the Olympics but ultimately, if we don’t root for and desire company in our different interests we are sad, small folk who limit our world’s and the world’s of our fellows to a strangling effect.

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