Thomas Edison, Fridays, God…

Not much going on this morning…

It’s Thomas Edison’s birthday, so be sure to wish him a good one if you should happen to flip a light switch today.

Thereby annoying the countless other people who perfected the wiring, the filaments, the process. But do we remember them? Nope. Goes to show something, I’m sure, but I guess I don’t really know what.

Must be one of those slow days.

In the absence of any legitimate or mildly amusing thoughts, allow me to direct your attention to Carl’s latest bumper for work. I think this is my favorite from the last six months if not more.

It has a typewriter. And lots of words. And has a blue sheen to it.

You know those make me happy.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


One thought on “Thomas Edison, Fridays, God…

  1. Carl’s bumper is seriously cool. I love all the little surprises, first that it’s spelling “God,” and then when you realize that all those attributes do indeed have to do with relationship.

    And a happy birthday to Mr. Edison as well, along with sincere appreciation for the nameless improvers of filaments, wiring, and other components of modern illumination.

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