Snow Day!

Carl and I went grocery shopping on Monday and were legitimately appalled by the crowds. I say legitimately because we’re basically always appalled. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t a grocery trip without Carl saying all crotchety, “Don’t people work?”

Occasionally I say something cheeky like, “No, not in this state.” But, it’s gotten to be such a routine grumble that I mostly just say “Mmm.”

Speaking of nonverbal mumbles, anytime Carl says something I don’t quite catch, I’ve apparently started just saying “I love you, too.” It seems like such a safe answer because that IS the right response to a good chunk of our non sequitur exchanges, and who doesn’t like to hear that they’re loved?—but sadly no. It means I’m not listening. Which was annoying to Carl until he discovered the game of trying to catch me slipping up.

Which is, as we all know, the abiding joy of all human civilizations.

Anyway, grocery shopping on Monday. INSANE because everyone was stocking up for the blizzard. What is it about bad weather that makes the media so orgasmically happy? Not that they act happy, of course. They act all concerned and tense and earnest with their closed schools and blizzard watches and 9-14 inches… but you can tell they’re getting their jollies. It’s kind of creepy.

On the other hand, church closed at 7pm on Tuesday and declared a snow day for Wednesday, so I’m not complaining. We had a great one. Slept in, had a leisurely coffee and pancakes breakfast, did a lot of nothing. Carl worked on a new website for his freelance business, and I guess I could have written, but that wouldn’t have been very festive.

So I scrapbooked.

I’m working on a baby book for my nephew Ru, a book I meant to have done by Christmas. Ha. On the upside, can I just say how easy it is to scrapbook for someone who keeps a blog as funny and cosy and readable as Carlie’s? Super fun.

I haven’t finished the text and detail work for this page, but I think the colors are just so cheerful and fun. And it’s nice to remember a time when the world wasn’t a howling barrenness of ice.

Other than that, we mostly just relaxed. Well, I did make a semi-ill-advised dash to the mall around 2 to meet my friend Jenn, and we might have walked for about two hours—in speeds varying between medium (ideal for the giving and receiving sympathy) and much faster for any conversation beginning with either “I KNOW” or “You know what makes me insane?”

It was necessary.

Throw a winning Red Wings game into the mix, and you have a perfect day. OH. And we found this AMAZING game called


I spent most of today debating whether or not it would be acceptable to forage ahead with it while Carl was at work. Well, that and pretending to write. I’d like to say I resisted temptation, kept the fire in the fire place, respected my boundaries, etc.

Really I just ran out of time…


4 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Your scrapbook is looking so good! That’s going to be a treasure for Ru. We also had a delicious snow day on Wednesday. Gene got to work from home. The kids played in the snow for hours, and Carissa baked her first cake mix cake with zero help or supervision (except that I did put the pan into the hot oven and take it out for her).

  2. Dude. You are amazing….I am still not over Gideon’s book. Can’t wait to see the rest of what you’re making because I’m drooling all over that glimpse.

    Your mall walk description was hilarious.

    AND. You have totally convinced me to take the plunge. I am now buying Plants vs. Zombies which I had been considering anyhow and am now totally sure I will love. (Let’s compare future notes on our addiction, shall we?!?)

    I’m with the freaky weather people and get a high off an emergency.

    • Yay! Thanks!

      Also: I’m so excited you’re getting Plants vs. Zombies!! Carl and I played for 4 hours last night. We’ve got this whole system down where I take care of planting the sunflowers and the pool (which shows up in later levels), and he does the ground defense against the zombies. It’s pretty funny and pretty interesting how much better we play together when we’re playing a game where we can divide responsibilities and work with some cooperative autonomy. I love the LEGO games, but a game designed for one primary and one secondary player is kind of a recipe for disaster. Well, or boredom for whoever is riding shotgun.

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