Problem Children

It’s James Michener’s birthday, but I’m not really feeling the urge to get all informed about it. I’m not really feeling the urge to do much of anything. Just to throw a little candor into your morning.

I’m actually having issues with my as yet unnamed mystery novel. I guess we’ll just call it January for now, since it takes place in January and I’m not much of a titler. Anyway, nothing terribly major, just some mild character stuff.

My characters are having trouble settling into their personalities.

It’s normal to take some time for personalities to gel, but this is getting a bit annoying. The story centers around a pair of twins. Miranda is the more direct, utterly unselfconscious, slightly earnest, and nonnegotiable one. For those of you who know my family, I think of her personality as being similar to my brother Dan’s. Not that their opinions are particularly similar. More the way they process things and go about life.

Nina is the less secure, the more likely to apologize, shier and yet more adept socially. So the girls I think I understand fairly well. The peripheral adults are slowly becoming more familiar. One of the guys, however, is giving me fits. I can’t seem to decide whether he’s self-deprecating, ruefully humorous, and kind of cool or more of an embittered, cold anger, ticking time bomb sort of person.

And the mood swings are getting kind of ridiculous.

Short of flipping a coin, I’m not sure how to decide this one. There are pros and cons to both as far as the plot goes.


Not a problem I can’t solve. But not exactly my favorite kind of writing day either.


2 thoughts on “Problem Children

  1. It’s fun to hear about your book in the decision stages. It’ll be cool to find out what you finally decide about people and who they turn out to be. May the deliberations not be too miserable.

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