Domesticity Fail

Carl has gone out to the dentist, and I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to get all head-starty on the abode upkeep: Toffee in the oven for the banoffee pie, kitchen tidied, laundry rolling, and—since we finally put the Christmas tree away last night—maybe a little vacuuming.

Now I don’t usually have a lot of domestic advice to give (mostly because I don’t have a lot of domestic advice to give), but I would just venture to observe that if you have long hair and if you have a vacuum cleaner, you should probably NEVER flip it over and look at the old undercarriage.

I did.

And the picture below doesn’t do justice to the healthy weave my vacuum’s been sporting. Adding to the fashion wig feel was a blonde streak at the far left (sadly removed before I thought to document). I had to use scissors to hack through each section of the roller and snapped this pic at the half way point…

Super disgusting.

In a related story, I finally changed the vacuum bag. Weirdly enough, we no longer have the Worst Vacuum Ever.

It even kinda works.

I know. Crazy, right?


2 thoughts on “Domesticity Fail

  1. And then if you have really, really long hair and you don’t do the scissors thing from time to time, you can develop such a mat down there that you actually start melting internal vacuum components and burning the motor out. And then you have the worst smelling vacuum ever like we had for a while before I figured this out.

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