Tuesday Rambles

Carl has zipped off to a shoot, and I’ve only gotten so far as to make a cup of coffee and give the week ahead a bleary squint. Apart from the continued, slightly egomaniacal crankiness that leads one to watch the world’s best tennis players and wonder mournfully why success is so easy for everyone else, I appear to be doing just fine.

I’m even capable of giving a few cheers for my younger brother, who just got accepted into his first choice graduate school (cheers to Fig).

Even a (muted) cheer  for the astonishingly imploded housing market of south-east Michigan. Took an Internet jaunt this weekend to check out real estate in our neighborhood. I didn’t know we’d sunk to the $50-70,000 = fairly nice family home point yet, but it does sort of making buying a more interesting option.

Also an interesting option: Food.

Much better.

My goals for the week are pretty modest. I started my January push hoping for 8,000 words a week (four 2,000 word days; my Saturdays are hopeless, and Carl’s weekend is Sunday/Monday), but I’ve noticed that I can only reliably clock about 1,500 a day. Meaning I can either end each day feeling like a failure and still take an extra month to produce the first draft, or I can end each day feeling like a success and also take an extra month to produce the first draft.

I’ve decided to go with option A.

That makes 6,000 words to stare down this week, which translates to about 20-25 pages. Although the word count is climbing steadily, the plot is off to a slowish start, and I already know I’m going to do a lot of cutting in the second draft, trying to get to the action a bit sooner. That’s pretty normal, as far as I can tell. I’m an over-writer. I’ll jot down two or three options for each adjective, reiterate every point a couple of times, let characters ramble.

That’s what second and third drafts are for, right?


I think I’m ready for the week now. Or at least my second cup of coffee and a quick glance at my crossword puzzle.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Rambles

  1. Oh blast. Hang in.

    I am so sorry that goal setting has bitten you left a gash. That is the downside of this sort of logic/plan driven life, eh?

    Many warm hugs and a few virtual pots of tea to you! I hope you feel upper soon.

  2. “I’ve decided to go with option A.” Brilliant. This is why I love your blog (aside from the news about you). I did this exact thing this week. My hubby was gone on a business trip. I had gotten tons of fabric at rock bottom prices. I set myself monster hard-core sew-a-thon goals for each day of his trip. I’ve accomplished exactly half of it. I could get depressed about that, or I could be thankful that I got (nearly) three dresses for the girls made in three days. I was pretty tempted to go for option A, too. But now you’ve snapped me out of it. Someone told me once that the secret to happiness was setting low goals. I think that may lead to self-satisfaction, but it never leads to excellence, and who can really be happy without striving for excellence? I think it was you who linked to a really inspiring goal setting guy a few months back who made the point that setting high goals that you may not be able to attain and then trying really hard to attain them results in accomplishing a lot more than you ever thought you could, whether or not you actually meet all your goals. So, here’s to option B for both of us and to finding joy in striving for excellence and setting goals high enough to push us to our limits.

  3. LOL. I wondered why Carlie was so sympathetic. Call it proof-reading fail on my part. I meant to say option B. I actually feel pretty good about lowering my goals in this case, although I struggle with exactly the dynamic you’re talking about, Andrea. The balance between excellence and happiness. I tend to need a lot more work on the happiness side of things, but we all start somewhere random on the continuum and the first step is just to figure out where the heck we are.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

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