Happy Birthday, Famous Friend!

Hmm, my cheerfulness just ebbed a tad when I read the grave marker again. 28. Which is my age. Which is kind of crazy and sad and definitely much too young. Sigh.

Anne is actually my favorite of the 3 Brontës. Emily (Wuthering Heights) is a bit overdone for me—and I have a whole separate rant on the rubbishy notion that WH is a love story of great passion and necessary emulation by all tweens. Apparently, Steph Meyer (Twilight) claimed the book was Bella & Edward’s favorite of all time, and I think the moment I heard that a little part of my soul froze over.  I realize that’s not Emily’s fault, but no. It really is Too Much.

Charlotte (Jane Eyre) is fabulous and interesting, but I keep trying to read her other books and getting hopelessly mired. Shirley? Hmm. Villette? Maybe tomorrow. The Professor? Not so much.

Tenant of Wildfell Hall, on the other hand, still feels fresh as a daisy. For my money, it manages to escape some of the crazier aspects of more typical Brontë romanticism, making it more realistic, more progressive, and ultimately more interesting. I think we’ve established that I’m a fan.

So, happy 191st, Anne!

And in return for contemplating the brevity of life and the comparative lack of accomplishment in mine, I think the least we can do is end on a happy note.

One of my favorite clips of all time. Fear the Brontësaurus!!


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Famous Friend!

  1. Happy Birthday to Anne. And I must say, I’d much rather be alive and still working than dead, no matter how accomplished I had been before I died. Better a live dog than a dead lion and all. 28 is a sad age to die. It’s especially poignant for me because I probably would have died at 27 if it hadn’t been for antibiotics and oxygen masks. So, yay for Anne’s birthday, and yay for being alive.

  2. My mom is a huge Annie Lennox fan and I own a couple of albums. Did not know about the 1920’s connection though, but now things are making sense. There is a particular song (I think on the album Diva) that is an old timey sounding track that references things from the 1920’s. Lyrics: “Keep young and beautiful if you want to be loved… if you’re seen somewhere with your hat off, wear a Marseilles wave in your hair…” I think it’s the last track. And even if she’s crazy (or maybe just really artistic?) I like her voice. A LOT.

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