Random Acts of Beauty

When was the last time you looked, really looked up close at a jelly?

Something about that smooth, yolky bell, the lacy plume floating behind, the whip-like tentacles… We went to the Monterey Aquarium last September, wandered into the jelly exhibit and were more or less transfixed.

Just blown away. I mean, how lucky are we? To share the planet with something so alien, so beautiful.

I meant to post these pictures months ago, and then life sort of got away from me, but I kept coming back to iPhoto and pulling up these pictures every few weeks.

Just losing myself in them. There’s something almost hypnotic to me. The way they moved, so serene and yet social, gently butting heads and getting their arms all entangled.

Carl took pictures. I just wandered from tank to tank, soaking it all in.

Necessary sometimes (and especially in winter) to see beauty like this, like a flu shot or a vitamin tablet—only positive instead of eternally negative.

I am, I think, a little in love with the jellies.

And, more so than ever in January.


4 thoughts on “Random Acts of Beauty

  1. BEAUTIFUL photos! That’s some National Geographic quality right there! Do you remember when we were swimming in the Atlantic Ocean with Carleen’s fam and were mildly stung by all of the “spineties” leftover from the jellies? Guess it’s better to observe them in a tank.

    • Yes!! Talk about prickly memories… I am all about aquariums and protective glass and being dry when it comes to jellyfish. 🙂

  2. Cran’s right on…those pictures are amazing. I mean, jellies are stunning anyhow but wow…those are lovely shots. I do totally love them and I am honestly not properly scared. I probly ought to work on that. I think they’re so cool that I am not appropriately skittish in their vicinity. I love living in a place where they actually live, in the wild. I have chuckling memories of our accidental wade into the jelly tide over that visit Cran is referring to. Still makes me smile.

    Do you know about the jellyfish lakes in Micronesia? I plan to go someday. Google and drool. Or plan to come along.

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