Interesting Book Alert

Just got Bruce Winter’s book 2003 book from the library, Roman Wives, Roman Widows: The Appearance of the New Woman and the Pauline Communities. For somebody who grew up with heated debates over this stuff, it’s a fascinating read. For somebody who’s interested in women’s studies in early Roman times, also a good one.

The most interesting part for me so far has been the information about the significance of veils in early Roman times, what it meant for a married woman to remove her veil, and in related news: whether or not church (because the early churches convened in homes) was considered a public or private place.

I realize it can be a sticky issue for many people to decide how much weight to give matters of culture when trying to determine mores for today, but I think whatever one chooses to do, an influx of information and a basic understanding of what things signified in their day can’t be a bad thing. I kept thinking OH. Now I get it.

I’m pretty sure there are just about as many hairsplitting spiritualities as there are people in the world, but for me, spirituality seems ever simpler.

Love is good theology.

90% of debates are a waste of time.

Christians shouldn’t break the law or call attention to themselves for their political or social agendas, but be remarkable only for compassion and unity. I’m pretty sure that’s what Paul said, though you’re welcome to disagree with me.

The likelihood of my bothering to answer is, however, somewhat doubtful these days.


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