The New Best Year Of My Life

Anybody else thrilled to the max over having a brand new year to schedule and over-invest with ten thousand different plans and dreams and impossibilities?!?

Me too. 🙂

Today is our last day off for the holidays, and it feels exactly like standing on a diving board, half my brain calculating the plunge and the other half just anticipating the deliciousness of the water below.

This unusual attitude of exuberance may be related to the line I force feed myself every January (to wit: the days may be cold, but they’re getting LONGER EVERY DAY), or it may have something to do with receiving a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas and imbibing strange and wonderful amounts of caffeine.

Either way, it’s a step up from the  magnetic poetry invective still lingering on our fridge:

drive    your     gift    car    to    an     ugly      place

Which has been making me chuckle all December as it’s probably one of the most impotent and pathetic expressions of anger I’ve ever heard. I like to envision a nice ordinary sort of person who won a car in some kind of sweepstakes… and his bitter neighbor who doesn’t even think to wish the car might malfunction so much as that his neighbor might drive it to an ugly place.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s not funny to anyone else. In my brain, it’s a hoot.

All of which does nothing to explain what I originally meant to explain in this post—one’s goals for the new year.

Promises to be a year of change for us, since we’ve decided to leave our snug little abode and look for a slightly roomier roost, more compatible with the dogs and infants we hope to acquire in time. Our lease isn’t up until the fall, however, so that gives us some time to start thinking through the rent vs. own, location, size, style questions.

A sampling of my longer and more concrete wish list for the year:

  • the perpetual goal of finding an agent
  • write my first mystery novel
  • work on my time management skills
  • read 30-50 books
  • make some financial changes
  • make some housekeeping changes
  • explore various meditation practices (including Centering Prayer and Divina Lectio)
  • enjoy and understand my life more
  • spend another 365 days with my person


Happy 2011!





2 thoughts on “The New Best Year Of My Life

  1. Ah, the fresh slate of January! AND the ever encouraging truth of the lengthening days (I am particularly giddy over the promise of more hours of daylight). To say nothing of my all time FAVORITE hopeful activity: home hunting. I can think of few things I would rather do than drive around looking at places and dreaming about what it would be like to live there. If you decide to buy, there are some real steals out there for people like you, who were blessed/brilliant enough not to have bought a house at the pinnacle of the housing boom. Ahem. I hope you have a perfectly wonderful time. Happy 2011!

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