The Book That Won’t Die

Never say never, because you never really know when never means ever or just not yet so.

… That’s the old adage, right? It’s also the truth, but the thing about life being unpredictable is it can get a bit anxiety-making to somebody like me who sort of enjoys schedules and time tables and clear cut endings.

Not that I’m complaining. In this case it’s totally working to my advantage.

Exhibit A: last Thursday night.

Went to Carl’s hockey game—the team’s championship, so there was a nice crowd (and they totally won, so IN YOUR FACE random people I don’t know!! Also: I’m not usually that mean, but they were kind of mouthy and… FINE. Also: merry Christmas). Anyway, the crowd was a happy change to the usual turnout, which is mostly just me. Give or take. Afterwards we were milling around, visiting with friends, and Dan (one of Carl’s team mates) introduced me to his brother.

Who works at Baker Book House.

And is friends with one of the fiction editors.

And said he would be happy to pass the Lilies manuscript along.

I kid. Despite the resounding mental chorus of We’re Off To See The Wizard, I’m well aware there are no fast passes to success. But, it’s another opportunity. Another possibility. A chance to bypass the agent step and chat directly with a publishing house about my book.

And even if the only result of this is the gift of hope, I’m still fine with that. My supply of hope is often stretched a bit as we near the two year mark of this full-time writing gig. A little hope would be fantastic about now.

One has hoped for crazier things, right?

Eternal life.

Relationship with one’s Creator.

A husband as hot as he is fabulous.

…. Hmm. Upon further review of this list, I’m also going to throw 100k and a pug into the mix. Can’t be crazier than any of the other things, right?


I die.

Merry Christmas, everybody!!


One thought on “The Book That Won’t Die

  1. Hey, exciting stuff. Hope is a good thing.

    Caitie wanted to know the name of the pug in your picture. I told her I didn’t know what it was. She said, “I think it’s ‘Doorbell.'” So there you go. An adorable pug named Doorbell. Now there’s something to hope about.

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