Pulling back the curtains

I dreamed last night that it was morning and I was trying to open the blinds in our bedroom only to discover that the blinds had been amplified by a second layer of thick, blue corduroy blinds. And no matter which way I pulled their string, they just closed tighter and the room got darker.

Which is perhaps fairly apt as yesterday was the first day I’ve felt like getting up for a while now. Note: I do get up every day. Just last week I didn’t feel like it, that’s all.

Much could be made of the irony that my chosen theme of last week was meant to be joy.

I suppose.

Though irony is about as satisfying a meal as a ballet dancer’s dinner.

And, that thought just made me hungry, so am taking a minor break to reheat some potato & ham casserole (I found a super easy recipe for the sauce using cream of mushroom soup. It felt a bit like cheating, then again: the sauce did not separate this time. Most triumphs require a trade off of one kind of another, yes?).


Although next time I may wait to add the peas until the last 15 minutes of baking as the recipe said. Being a short-cutter, I just tossed them in from the get-go, and they ended up a fairly grey and wizened bunch. Fine for zen masters, less cool for peas.

Speaking of food, we’ve been doing a very modest bit of holiday baking lately. Found a wonderful recipe for soft ginger cookies (I made 3 dozen and told Carl he should shop the container around work to help with the left-overs. He politely refused. They didn’t go to waste. Point taken). Also made our peanut brittle for the season and have everything set to go for our sugar cookies tonight. We might possibly make a small batch of fudge or truffles next week, but other than that I think our holiday baking is almost o’er, as the hymns say.

It’s been an experiment each year to figure out exactly how to gauge these things. Abundance is festive and lovely, but waste is sort of yucky. One tries to strike a balance.

Briefly, in other news:

  • Finished reading Francis Chan’s second book, Forgotten God, last week. Anybody else keeping up with the Chanster phenomenon? I rabidly disliked the first half of the first book. Decided I’d misunderstood his point and was ok with him by the end of Crazy Love. But, this one was just disappointing. Supposed to be about the Holy Spirit, but read exactly like Crazy Love Part II. Feels very works- and shame-based. Not a fan.
  • Discovered that my jaw is anatomically malformed so that not only does the jaw unhinge easily (which I’ve known since I started eating hamburgers) but now that the ligaments are stretched out, it’s even more likely to unhinge and get stuck. Yes. This means that my mouth can get stuck open and just not close. Awesome in one sense, but kind of alarming the first time it happens.
  • In related news, my new dentist’s name is Dr. Jimmy Stewart. Not kidding.
  • Started going through last year’s list of goals in preparation for putting together this year’s. Always a fun time.
  • Anybody have a favorite book about personal finance? One of my goals for 2011 is to have a better relationship with and attitude about money. I tend to worry or dislike financial stuff. But, I figure the more I feel things are under control and working right, the less energy I’ll expend in thinking or worrying about it. If you shine a light on the dark parts, they aren’t dark anymore, right?
  • I’ve decided that all churches need a panel of type-B, reflective introverts to translate the pastor’s type-A extrovert message into something that will be useful for the other half of the congregation.

I think that’s all I’ve got for today. Must dash and get the day in gear. Happy Tuesday before Christmas, everybody.


2 thoughts on “Pulling back the curtains

  1. I love your type B translation team idea. It’s a shame there aren’t more type B reflective introvert pastors. But alas, I think that sort of job would kill most type B introverts. Still, it does make the teaching rather lopsided. I suppose that’s one reason there are books.

  2. An alternate interpretation for your dream: corduroy is to be avoided at all costs.

    I also like the idea of a type B committee. It sounds very healthy to me.

    See you soon.


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