Tuesday drizzle

Carl’s been sick for the last few days. To be truthful, my sinuses have also had more chic moments of being, but I’ve escaped the worst of it. And, when there are only two of you, it really is all about wellness by comparison, isn’t it?

I heard back from an agent the other day—the last of the Lilies batch. She’s had a full for 2 months and was just checking in, letting me know that she’s planning to get to it in the next few weeks, but unless she had an exclusive, she really couldn’t afford to invest the time in it.

Of course, I said yes.

Was lovely to be reminded that there are actual people on the other end of these things… actual people with actual idiosyncrasies of speech, you know? Well, and also that my book is not completely dead in the water.

Speaking of, we’re having one of those quintessential rainy, gray, October days today. The winds have been really strong since yesterday, and most of our leaves are now turning to wet rags on the ground.

And, my fam has just started madly emailing to and fro about holiday plans and wish lists and all those good things. I’m pretty much ready to gear up for holiday season—two months of savoring is not to be sneezed at.

Which brings me full circle to Carl. Shall go put on the tea kettle and move my computer to the dining room table to be within easy reach of the couch. I grew up having to hide out in my room if I wanted any mental space to myself, but Carl’s spent the last ten years on his own and occasionally becomes mournful if I’m home and yet out of his direct line of sight.

These are the tough issues of our halcyon days in Plyms.

That and being unable to squash my stupid synopsis for the new novel into the required 2 page limit.

Truly the evil of the day is sufficient.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday drizzle

  1. Ha! Another way Carl reminds me of me. I totally get mournful if Gene’s home but busy in another part of the house for too long.

    Sorry the bug has visited you guys! I hope your case continues to be mild and that Carl feels better quickly.

  2. Squish Squish Squish!!! I’m rooting for you!

    Am clicking away on wishlist typing and happily scheming a TO DO about holiday preparations. *grin* Can’t wait to see you!

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