He Returneth, Hallelujah!

Carl’s been in Haiti on a shoot for the last few days, documenting the rebuilding and spending time with our mission team down there (our church has been involved in orphan care ministry there since the earthquake last spring). We were able to talk briefly yesterday, but conditions are pretty primitive, so it’s been mostly zero communication.

Which is less than awesome.

Also been difficult trying to figure out how to sleep alone. First I was too cold, so I put on an extra blanket, but then I woke up in the middle of the night STEAMING. Have tried changing the thermostat, tried various blanket arrangements. Never did figure it out.

Guess it doesn’t matter now.

My excellent friend Mel spend the last two evenings with me—chatting about deep things the first night and watching Shakespeare and the most bizarre documentary EVER the second. The documentary was supposed to be about this transgender person going back to his (her?) highschool reunion as a woman (mind, was the football quarter back 15 years ago). Bizarre enough to start with— Mel picked it out while we were waiting for dinner to be done as a conversation starter. Except the documentary totally got away from the filmmaker and suddenly it was about the quarterback’s adopted brother whose birth family—surprise!—turns out to be Orson Welles’s!! So then the story switches to random celebrity bio, and then suddenly, the adopted brother is melting down and the docu changes again to be about this brother’s descent into total mental breakdown, hospitalization, etc.

Could easily have been divided into 3 separate documentaries. As it was, every 5 minutes we kept turning to each other and saying: “Could this GET any weirder?”

And, then it always did.

Must dash, but in short on the rest of my life: am reading about monks. Am going to a coffeeshop to see if the change in location and caffeination will produce wondrous results on my synopsis (consider this ploy of the day for getting a pumpkin spice latte… Don’t knock it. They’re only carried seasonally. Time is running OUT). Am going to hustle through the list of tasks I set out for myself, um… DAYS ago.

Cheers, everyone.

Shall go dance my dance of jubilation now.


3 thoughts on “He Returneth, Hallelujah!

  1. Hooray for the man being home again! And wow…that sounds like some kind of movie. Enjoy that latte for me. I’ve decided lattes are my favorite coffee shop drink…or else steamers…although they have no caffeine so mostly its lattes. Heh.

  2. Yay that Carl’s back! Having your beloved away does not rule. I’m so interested in what he got to do down there and what your church has been doing. Orphans are on my heart in a really big way. I’d love to see any films he makes (if that’s possible) or just hear about the trip sometime.

    • It was a brief trip, so he mostly did documentation, Andrea. Our church is supporting a group of orphans—food, water, education, etc—working through an agency whose name I can’t remember, but could track down for you if you wanted. Carl went with the video team from NR, our missions director, and a good friend of his who’s planning a group trip in January and wanted to get a feel for how his team could best spend their time while there. Besides lots of B roll footage, Carl said they were able to spend time highlighting the stories of 2 orphans. I’m not sure what the deadline is for editing, but I’ll ask him about getting a copy for you when it’s done!

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