Autumnal is a great word

Actually, it’s also been a really great season so far. Lots of blue skies and glowing colors; warmish days and crispy nights; cider and pumpkin bread (with chocolate chunks. Do NOT scrimp on the chocolate chunks).

And, the query insanity of yesterday is calming down a bit… now that I at least have a rough draft. Still too long. My queries are ALWAYS too long, generally because I forget that there’s a synopsis for plot details, and I want to jam every little plot point into those two (or three) paragraphs.


Been trying to ignore the political boil lately, although Bill O’Reilly raised his hornéd head on The View this morning during my workout and succeeded in disturbing the calm surface of my internal zen pool. (Ha). Seriously, dude, what the h? Seems like it’s impossible for him to open his mouth without insulting something—whether people or intelligence.

I asked Carl how he was planning to vote for our governor race here in Michigan.

Carl: “Who’s running again?”

Me: “Bernero and Snyder.”

Carl: (promptly) “Snyder. He makes good pretzels.”

Me: “Pretty sure this Snyder and the pretzel one are different.”

Carl: “Oh. Then I’m  not voting.”

Which, if you account for the usual dose of irony, is actually some pretty fantastic political commentary. Somebody get CNN on the phone.


7 thoughts on “Autumnal is a great word

  1. Gene knows Rick Snyder, well enough, in fact, that we actually gave money to his campaign. The guy knows small business. And as far as we can tell, the one thing Michigan’s struggling economy needs right now is someone who knows how to help businesses succeed. I suppose that’s not pithy enough (or grumpy enough) for political commentary, but anyway, there you go. For once we actually have someone we want to vote for rather than the usual decision between the manipulative, power grubbing Communist and the manipulative, power grubbing Fascist.

    • Good to know! I know I need to do more research before Nov 2… but scrounging up the time… especially when I could be doing sudoku. Well, you see my struggle.

  2. I like that I haven’t checked your blog in about two months and when I just remembered to, you are posting again. Miss you! Bill R. boils the blood every now and again.

  3. Gene knows him? Wow. That’s wild.

    Good luck. Am by turns infuriated and inspired by politics but I am a Pollyanna who will not give up on the patriotic ideal of voting.

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