More Rejection…

Also, I killed a duck.

Fortunately, those were not connected incidents. As in, the day went neither: a) I got rejected and therefore killed the agent’s pet duck in revenge, nor b) I killed a duck and, bloodstained and feather-mottled, was promptly rejected from an agency.

Nope. More mundane.

I feel worse about the duck, though. A trio of mallards touched down in the middle of Haggerty Rd, where the speed limit is 45 and traffic fairly heavy. I just had enough time to register: WHAT IS THAT DUCK THINKING? And, sadly, not enough time to check my mirrors before swerving and THUMP-POOF. In my rearview nothing but feathers in a mushroom cloud.

OH. Also the Comcast dude totally broke our apartment hall window.

What the heck, world?

But, those are the lowlights. Carl had an extra day off today, so we slept in, played tennis, got Jimmy John’s, and went to Kensington Park to walk along the lake for a mile or two. Beautiful weather.

It’s been a good weekend off, and I’m starting (hesitantly) to think more constructively about writing. Been getting bad vibes from the last couple of people I shared my latest project with… “But, where’s the romance?” they say. “Do they fall in love?”

Am I the only person who’s not feeling the love these days? Not personally, I mean. Am utterly happy myself, but… just not feeling the need to get all up in a fictional character’s Kool Aid, you know? Surely people do interesting things besides fall in L? I dunno. I think I currently believe that love (which is interesting) and falling in love (which is not very) are kind of separate deals.

Does that make sense?

In the absence of clarity on that topic, I think we’re going out for some late evening McDonalds. “I need fries,” I told Carl. “I killed a duck tonight. I need something to soothe the pain of making that male duck a widower.”

Carl said ok.

Eat your heart out, Bella Swan. That’s what true love looks like.


3 thoughts on “More Rejection…

  1. I’m so, so sorry. I hate rejection, and I double hate killing anything. I think I would need more than fries–probably fries AND a slushie.

    And I would like to put in one very passionate vote for books that are about other things besides falling in love. Falling in love with someone is great. Learning to love that person every day of your life is greater. But loving God and living for Him is epic. God’s plan for some people does not include twitterpation. Their lives can still be totally epic. But you would never know this from the songs on the radio, or the movies in the theaters, or most books on the library shelf. Personally, I think it may be that a lot of people don’t understand the depth of meaning there is in God, so they go for the next best thing: romance. But romance is not the point of life. I’d really like it if there were a few more people out there producing media that celebrated that fact. I would especially like it for my children. What if they don’t ever meet anyone worth swooning over? I don’t want them to have been fed a steady diet of romance=greatness their whole lives because then they will run the risk of believing that life without romance is meaningless.

  2. Wow…this could be big. Would it mean revamping the “point” of Little Wescott or just leaving it a cozy memory and writing something else? Am very curious! I think your point on love is well taken.

    Am so very sorry about the rejection and the poor duck and the wretched hall window. Urgh. Hope the fries were lovely. Carl is a peach for taking you.

    And can I just say…this was a really lovely post. Smooth, amusing, cleverly worded and with a great opening and ending line. Gold star it.

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