Monthly Goaling

Most of you know that I love New Year’s resolutions so much I actually do them every month. It helps me to break everything—writing, life changes, uphill march to awesomeness—into little chunks for easier digesting.

For e, I gave myself the whole month of May to work on major plot revisions in my crime book. And, of course, promptly got almost nowhere.

So hard!

I wrote up a list of all the things that weren’t really working for me the last time I read through the draft, but I just haven’t found a good way to get “into” the book. I’ll rewrite one scene—and then suddenly I’m sidetracked by all these other cosmetic changes. Grrr.

The last couple of workdays I’ve been trying a new approach: putting together a synopsis of the book, my IDEAL book, and then using that as a roadmap for revision. Hope it works; I’m getting tired of trying to find a way to get these revisions moving.

Pretty sure I’m going to be working on this well into June.

On the other hand, I DID accomplish several of my other goals for the month, so I don’t feel badly. Just trying to figure out how to streamline this revision process… It would be psychologically healthy to get to where I could see some results for all my work. I mean, somewhere other than on my computer screen.

Yep, those are the daily issues I’ve been hacking away at. On the other hand, we’ve had a heat wave of 80+ days, blues skies, and lazy white clouds. Been able to sit out basking while working on the synopsis… Been making strawberry pie and rice pudding… Been spending time with friends.

So, yeah, no complaints really.

Just working hard and chipping away.


2 thoughts on “Monthly Goaling

  1. I think it’s great that you evaluate as often as you do. Hurrah for an examined life! I hope you hit your revising stride and get your book moving in the direction you want it to go.

  2. You know how I feel about self-goals. *grin* Hope that you crack the revision code soon and that you continue to have such wonderful life ingredients thrown your way…blue skies and strawberry pies indeed!

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